YUI: I Officially Can’t Keep Up

First off, congratulations to Eric Miraglia and the YUI team – they have just announced the release of YUI 2.5.0:

The YUI Team just released version 2.5.0 of the library. We’ve added six new components — Layout Manager, Uploader (multi-file upload engine combining Flash and JavaScript), Resize Utility, ImageCropper, Cookie Utility and a ProfilerViewer Control that works in tandem with the YUI Profiler. This release also contains major improvements to the DataTable Control and new Dual-Thumb Slider functionality in the Slider Control.

Six new components?!? Man, I just can’t keep up with learning all this new stuff let alone keep YUI.Net up to date.

Roadmap Gone Off Track

waitup I was working on a roadmap for YUI.Net but now I have some serious consideration to do about what next steps to take. Although there has been plenty of interest in the YUI.Net project, nobody has really come forward to help out. I am not complaining. I really enjoy working on YUI.Net. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it right now. I am going to continue to follow the development of the YUI, but I don’t think I will continue development on the YUI.Net library for the foreseeable future.


2 Responses to YUI: I Officially Can’t Keep Up

  1. kmusaied says:

    why you did not post the source code in codeplex.com. It may help to find some one to help.

  2. Luke Foust says:

    Good suggestion Khaled. I guess I had assumed that if people wanted the source they would get it from the “Source” tab but puting it on the release page makes it much more accessable.

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