Productivity Tip: Copy As Path

Here is a quick little tip I just learned that I use all of the time now. In Windows Vista, if you hold down the Shift key and right click on a file, a new option appears in the context menu: "Copy As Path"


This will copy the full path of the file you select to the clipboard. This is very handy for pasting file paths into a command prompt window. Why this option is so hidden, I don’t know.

I hope this saves you some time.

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7 Responses to Productivity Tip: Copy As Path

  1. Chad Lansford says:

    Nice one!!! Thanks!

  2. Will Asrari says:

    Weird that it’s hidden. Nice find!

  3. alex_t says:

    It is hidden because most people don’t need it all the time 😉

  4. Stefano says:

    This function is present in Total Commander and in all his ancestor….. i rembember i was using in Windows ‘ 95…..

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  6. Sam says:

    Wow! It seems there are so many tricks with Windows/Vista, etc. that no one knows all of them, but different people know different ones. This does seem useful. I have just clicked in the address bar (breadcrumbs?), but this is easier. Thanks for the post.

  7. Nick T says:

    Nice Luke. I like that one. That’s getting filed away. I hope I remember it.

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