Southern California Code Camp In Review

This past weekend I attended the Southern California Code Camp and I had a great time. This is the second code camp I have attended and I am continually amazed at the quality of the sessions. For those of you who don’t know, code camps are completely free events where the sessions are all made of of community driven content (anybody can propose a session and potentially be a speaker). Sure there were some big name speakers such as Michele Leroux Bustamante and Richard Campbell (of .Net Rocks fame), but there were also tons of speakers who are just regular mortals like you and me…well me.

For me, this was a weekend of just trying new things and just hoping for the best. And I must say that it was a success. What do I mean by new things? Well, those of you who know me realize that I don’t usually put myself in social situations where I have to meet new people or make small talk on purpose. This means at the last code camp I attended, I just went to sessions and enjoyed the content – but I didn’t really bother to talk to anybody really. Well, this time I decided to try my hand at stepping out so I decided to volunteer to help out. This gave me opportunity to meet tons of cool people.

Here is a list of my favorite sessions:

My personal goal is to be a presenter at next years code camp. Now I just have to find a topic and the right T shirt to wear.


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