You Had Better Watch What You Say In Public

I just recently discovered a couple of websites that have completely changed the way I think about life in this Wikipedia/Digg/YouTube society we are now living in. The sites I have discovered came from listening to Scott Hanselman’s podcast called Hanselminutiae #2. In this podcast, he mentions a site called The idea is this: You are anywhere in New York City and you hear somebody say something that you think is funny so you go to their website and write about it. Pretty simple huh?

So now, when I see somebody walking down the street talking on their cell phone like they would in their own living room, I can’t help but with there were an over hear in San Diego. It turns out there are a couple of other sites related to the New York one: Overheard in the Office and Overheard at the Beach. According to Wikipedia, there are other sites like this out there. Since all this data is available via rss, it can be aggregated. This idea is demonstrated on the Google Maps mashup which combines the Over Heard In New York data with Google Maps.

So I guess this is the end of me talking about my penchant for naked mole rats and Cock-a-hoop in public lest I be made fun of.


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