Greg Laswell

Back in college, I saw these 3 guys with guitars playing these catchy songs at some event and I was immediately hooked. I went to watch that same band, known as Simpl, many times in coffee shops and such. The three members were Tim Timmons, Chad Lansford, and Greg Laswell. Greg and Chad later went on to form a band called Shillglen.

I used to go to pretty much every Shillglen show I could make it to. I remember thinking, “Why wouldn’t I jump at any chance I get to go see great music? Who Wouldn’t?” Over time, I sort of got to know the guys in the band. I was the weird guy who came to all their shows. We would even record some of them. It didn’t seem too weird at the time – we were just having fun. In retrospect, it probably was.

Well, now Greg Laswell is out on his own and big things are starting to happen for him. He signed a record deal with Vanguard Records, he has a video on VH1, and he is even producing an album for Minnie Driver. His solo shows are very heartfelt and his songwriting is better than ever. You can check him out at his official website or on myspace.

One of these days I am going to take all those Shillglen recordings I have and digitize them.


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